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Prof. Dr. Stefan Pauliuk

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Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources
Institute of Environmental Social Sciences and Geography
Ecological Energy and Material Flow Management
Tennenbacherstraße 4, 79106 Freiburg

Phone: +49(0) 761 / 203-98726
Fax: +49(0) 761 / 203-3600




Valuation of industrial networks and capital stocks
Sustainable development has several levels, and there are always tensions between the economic and environmental aspects of sustainability in particular. An important methodological contribution to a balanced view of sustainable development is the provision of harmonised physical and economic data on different activities of our society. When a production plant reaches the end of its life, its book value approaches zero, but its material content remains unchanged. A meaningful estimation of the potential for recycling materials is therefore not possible with purely economic statistics, and these are therefore gradually being supplemented with physical descriptions. Our work in this area includes the estimation of metal stocks in different sectors and countries and the development of theoretical frameworks for integrated physical-economic accounting of material flows and stocks. We also use monetary and physical input-output tables to track material and waste flows through the network of the world economy.
Climate change
Long-term impact assessment
Material efficiency strategies
Environmental Systems Analysis
Modelling the material and energetic basis of society with regard to its sustainable development
Environmental systems analysis is a young field that draws from several academic traditions and has been developed at different locations. The resulting quantitative methods for systems analysis LCA, material flow analysis and input-output analysis are conceptually similar, and there are significant untapped synergies between these methods and their underlying data. Integrating different methods into a common framework for analysing the material basis of society allows researchers to exploit these synergies and thus open up new fields of application, make more robust recommendations and use research resources more efficiently. An important part of integrating the different analytical methods is a common theoretical framework, which we are contributing to the development of. Our work also includes the integrated assessment models and is not only of a theoretical nature, but also includes the development of cross-method open-source software and database structures.

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