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Expert service for journalists

Help finding qualified specialists from the university. Expert service with keyword search.

We are happy to aid journalists in finding suitable specialists from our university to interview on the scientific background of current events.

Our expert service helps journalists to find the right specialist to interview. Organized alphabetically by academic field and last name, the service provides quick and reliable information on where to find an appropriate contact person for a current topic.

If you have a detailed request, please send us an e-mail: expertendienst@uni-Freiburg.de

Expert service for journalists


Nationwide Expert Service

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University public relations departments are also organized in a  nationwide expert service.



Anfragen richten Sie bitte an:

Manuel Devant

Manuel Devant
Tel.: (+49) 0761 203 98605

Für Expert:innen aus der Uniklinik:

Benjamin Waschow

Benjamin Waschow

Tel.: (+49) 0761 270 19090

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